Cranberry Orange (sliced/frozen)

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McGrath's Bakehouse | Mechanicsburg, PA
Organic grains | Naturally leavened

Available sliced/frozen only. 


From McGrath's Bakehouse:

1.3 lb. loaf 

Dried cranberries and pieces of organic orange peel make for an extremely attractive and colorful loaf that is equally delicious as it is beautiful.  Supported by a light chewy wheat-based dough, the flavor of the sweet-tart cranberries pops along side the permeating bursts of lively citrus orange.  It’s pretty enough to wrap up and give as a gift!

Ingredients:  Organic sifted wheat flour, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar), organic whole wheat flour, sourdough starter, organic rye flour, organic orange peel, RealSalt®, organic malted barley flour

*all breads contain some rice flour on the crust from dusting boards and baskets, and possibly olive oil from brushing dough boxes.